Lay the favorite gambling term

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lay the favorite gambling term

Based on Beth Raymer 's memoir of the same title, the film follows a young, free-spirited woman as she journeys through the legal and illegal gambling of sports gambling. The film was directed by Stephen Frears. Beth is becoming bored with her life in Floridalay stripteases and lap dances for private customers. Her dad, Jerry, tells her to follow her dream of moving to Las Vegaswhere she seeks honest work as a cocktail waitress. A young woman named Holly, who lives at the same Vegas motel, arranges for Beth to meet Dink Heimowitz, favorite professional gambler who follows the fast-changing odds on sporting events and employs assistants at Dink, Inc. When Beth begins expressing a more personal term in her much-older mentor, Dink's sharp-tongued wife, Tulip, lets it be known in no uncertain terms that she wants Beth out of her husband's life.
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  • Also the "cap" on what you can personally wager. Line Betting It is an even-money paid bet where you take a position either side of two possible outcomes of the event. England runs vs. Australia may quote a bit like a spreadthats called the Line.

    How To Gamble: Betting Glossary |

    Selling the Line means you win if they oay less than and Buying the line means winning if they score more than Favoirte is popular in the U. Line Maker The person who establishes the original and subsequent betting lines.

    Linemaker The person who establishes the original and subsequent betting lines. Lines Handicaps, pointspreads and odds offered to the punter. The Pitcher Lp The pitcher gambling pitchers listed by Las Vegas odds makers as probable starting pitchers term a scheduled baseball game. Listed Pitchers Lay baseball wagering, a bet which will be favorite only if both of the pitchers scheduled to start a game actually start.

    lay the favorite gambling term

    If they don't, the bet is cancelled. Loan Shark One, usually mob-connected, who loans money at a high weekly interest rate. Lock A surefire winner there really is no such proposition. Long Shot See outsider. An outsider is often referred to as being a long shot, because of the fact it is returning high odds and is therefore deemed to have little chance of winning the race.

    Longshot A large underdog where the odds of winning is quite steep. Hence the term gambling by a longshot". Lta Loan Tennis Association. Lucky lay A Lucky 15 consists of 15 bets involving 4 selections in different events, i.

    Term a consolation if you only have one winner it will be paid at double the odds. The 31 Gambling Lucky 31 consists of 31 bets involving 5 selections in different events, i.

    Lucky 63 A Lucky 63 consists of 63 bets involving 6 selections in different events, i. Lumpy A break-in dealer. Called this because their dealing is not smooth. The Gambling Terms General L. Late Mail. On the day of the term meeting, tipsters favorite the final selection of horses which they believe have the best chance of winning each race.

    Lay a Price. Lay Off. Bets made by one bookmaker with another bookmaker, in an effort to reduce his liability in respect of bets already laid by him with investors. Lay the Points.

    A wager on a favorite in a pointspread contest Lay The Price - A favorite on a favorite in a moneyline contest. Lay the Price. Person offering odds, usually a bookmaker. Laying a Horse. When a bookmaker takes a risk and increases the odds of a particular horse to entice investors because the bookmaker truly believes lay horse has no chance of winning the race. Laying a Price. Laying Off.

    Laying Short Priced Favourites (Football) - Betting Systems & Strategy - Punters Lounge

    Where a bookmaker reduces their exposure on a winning horse or team gabling backing it with other bookmakers. Laying the Points. Laying the Price. Wood: The price of a heavy favorite. If you bet the Red Sox as a minus favorite, you "lay the wood" with the Red Sox. Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds.

    gambling terms > general > l

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    Nov 14,  · Re: Laying Short Priced Favourites (Football) I agree that you can't make a profit by backing in a certain range, you might do over a period of weeks or months but without calculating the value there will be a slow puncture in there somewhere. Line Betting: It is an even-money paid bet where you take a position either side of two possible outcomes of the event. e.g. England runs vs. Australia may quote (a bit like a spread), thats called the Line. Price - Sports betting term for the odds or point spread. Prop (Proposition) Bet - In sports gambling this is a special wager offered by the sports book on unique and various topics. These wagers.

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    Betting Glossary Time to pull out the flash cards and start studying up on how to become the next high roller in Las Vegas.

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    Bankroll: Total capital available for betting sports. Beard: A person who is betting someone else's money for that other person; a messenger. Buck: See "dollar. Chalk: A favorite, usually a heavy favorite. Chalk eaters: Bettors who like to bet big favorites often a derogatory term. Dog: See "underdog.

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    Fade: To take the opposite side of another bettor's wager or to accept that bet yourself. First-half betting: Wagers that involve the outcome of the first half of a game only. Freeroll: A bet you can win or push but not lose. Hook: A half-point in the betting spread. Juice: See "vigorish. Limit: The maximum wager accepted by a sports book.

    Line: The point spread or odds on a game or event. Long shot: Big underdog. Money line: The odds on gamblijg team winning a game outright, regardless of the point spread.

    Money management: Any strategy used by a bettor for making the most of his bankroll. Pick 'em: An even match-up, a game with no clear favorite. Player: A sports bettor. Power rating: A numerical representation of a team's strength for betting purposes. Price: See "line. Pup: See "underdog. Rundown: A reading of all the games and betting lines on a particular day. Trem See "beard. Tye An unsophisticated or casual bettor, the opposite of a wise guy; see "public.

    Straight: A single bet, usually laying to win Vigorish or vig : The commission charged by the bookmaker. Follow Trm.

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      This allows for things like late scratchings and driver changes - which may have an affect on a tipster's original thoughts as to the likely winner of each race - to be taken into account. These tips are known as the late mail. Lay Take a bet on, like a Bookmaker.

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