Host your own poker night

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host your own poker night

I t's a cold, wet night in England, but this place looks pretty darn Texan. We're at my friend Tom's flat to play poker. Tom's even dug up a dealer's visor. Six of us are squished around the table — Tom, me, Laura, Jake an old friend visiting from ShanghaiLynn and my girlfriend, Georgie. We're pros, obviously.

Over to you: what games do you play with friends?

While it can be anything you want, I always prefer classy jazz music. Some players are slow-playing chip-hoarders, and could stay poker the game for days if allowed to. Setting a pre-determined ending time will up the competitiveness of everybody. My friendships have too. Modern life is harried — folks commute to and from long hours on the job, spend time with their kids, and labor at side hustles. Without some intention, times with friends would be few and far between.

A regular poker night gives us a chance to hang out and bond as men. We tell stories, we laugh, we complain, and of course, own rib whoever has the good cards that night.

What tips do you have for successfully hosting and host a poker night? Menu Search. Style Accessories Shaving. Fitness Nutrition Sports Wellness.

Gift Guides Know the Game When I hosted that first poker night last November, I was darn lucky that there was one guy in your group who knew some of the ins and outs of poker. Determine the Intensity of Your Poker Group One of the main hurdles with gathering men for a poker night is setting expectations for the intensity of the game.

Establish House Rules Beforehand There are a number of house rules that can and should be established before hosting a poker night. Make It Regular and Consistent For any group — night it social or charitable or fraternal — consistency is a key component.

Host your own poker night | Life and style | The Guardian

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Every six months or so, I host a gentleman’s poker night at my home. I’ve been doing it for the past few years, and it’s developed such a following that we’ve had to move it into my office boardroom to make room for all the new players. Hosting a card game has numerous benefits. Fellowship. Poker Night Overview. Since The World Series of Poker started airing on television, the popularity of Poker has risen. This has resulted in a number of people hosting poker nights at home as well. However, there are some things that you need to consider if you want Founded Location: , CA. Feb 07,  · Host your own poker night Learn something new about your old friends, or break the ice with new people, over a game of poker (two of your own, Author: Henry Barnes.

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host your own poker night

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How to Host a Poker Night

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By the way, poker chips come with playing cards. Snacks are always nice, you can have chips and dips or wings out so people have something to munch on during the game. Or you can ask people you invite to bring some snacks too. You have to set up some poker night rules before hand to avoid any arguments. You need to say things like. Buy ins. Is there a buy in or are you playing just for fun?

Important stuff to know.

host your own poker night

I have noticed buy ins often give you smaller crowds, but they are still fun. Mucking Cards. If you go all the way to the end someone flips over 2 pair and you on have 1 pair, do you have to show your cards? Texas Hold Em The "official" professional poker rules.

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