What is black jack pershing famous for

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what is black jack pershing famous for

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    Pershing on Twitter, reigniting the public's interest in the Fmaous military figure. During his service, Pershing got the nickname "Black Jack," and while that's an unassailably cool nickname, it wasn't originally intended as pershimg compliment. Pershing is most famous nowadays as the subject of a debunked urban legend which claims that he dipped bullets in pig's blood while fighting Muslim enemies in the Philippines.

    But Pershing had a long career in the U.

    Gen. John Joseph Pershing to Gen. Foch, Letter written from Office of the Commander-in-Chief, American Expeditionary Forces, in France. "Literary Digest History of . Black Jack Pershing By Kevin Baker From the Old West to the Western Front, from a troop of Buffalo Soldiers to a million doughboys, Pershing’s globe-circling career is a virtual history of the U.S. Army. By this time, Pershing had earned the sobriquet “Black Jack” Pershing for his service with the African American 10th Cavalry, but the moniker also came to signify his stern demeanor and rigorous Born: Sep 13,

    He's the first and only active-duty jqck to become General of the Armies, the highest-ranking position in the U. InPershing became a tactical officer at West Pointand that's where he was given the nickname "Black Jack. According to one tale, Pershing was called "Black Jack" because he commanded black troops jacj the American-Indian Wars of the late 19th century.

    It's also alleged that he was given the nickname due to the harsh, unforgiving manner of discipline he exerted during his time as a West Point instructor.

    What Black Jack Pershing Can Teach Us About Fighting Terrorists - POLITICO Magazine

    The first story makes sense. Instead, he applied the lessons he learned when dealing with native Americans on the Plains. Which is to say that, while Pershing never recoiled from using force, he adopted a military strategy that would later be reinvented as FMthe famous counterinsurgency manual written by David Petraeus and James Amos and applied in Iraq. Pershing brought down the levels of violence which had been used liberally, and to little effect, by his predecessorsrecruited Filipinos to carry out law enforcement duties, simplified the provincial court system, designated government land for the building of mosques, took a go-slow approach to changing tribal customs which included polygamyreformed the laws governing contract labor, put aside more money for the building of schools and established trading posts to rebuild the Moro economy.

    what is black jack pershing famous for

    Pershing whst diligently provided a personal example for his soldiers by learning the Moro dialect, getting to know local Muslim leaders and reading the Quran. In essence, he became a kind of Lawrence of the Philippines—a Moro Whisperer. For all of that, there are some things not to like about Pershing.

    John J. Pershing - Wikipedia

    He could be imperious, opinionated, short-tempered, stubborn and something of a martinet. In later years, senior officers would note that he seeded the U. During the Plains Wars, he famus deported large numbers of Cree Indians from their ancestral lands to Canada and, despite his celebrated leadership of the 10th Cavalry, he readily agreed to the continued segregation of African-American soldiers from white troops during World War I.

    But by the standards fampus his age, Pershing was fairly enlightened.

    what is black jack pershing famous for

    When he fought the Moros at what has gone down in history as the Battle of Bud Bagsak in JunePershing proved adept at implementing tactics that would dampen Pershinh and U. Despite this, Bud Bagsak resulted in the deaths of approximately Moro tribesmen and 13 Americans.

    More from POLITICO Magazine

    When British and French commanders insisted that U. He eschewed the constant frontal assaults preferred by his European peers and not only insisted that U. And among the leaders of that effort were senior soldiers whom Pershing had trained—including the legendary George Marshall, who revered him.

    How Did General Pershing Get His Nickname? The "Black Jack" Moniker Has 2 Possible Origins

    He transformed the U. Army from a constabulary force sitting in forts on the frontier into a world-class military. While not as celebrated as later commanders like Eisenhower or Patton, Pershing holds a prominent place in U.

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