Mass effect 2 poker engineers

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mass effect 2 poker engineers

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  • Steam Community :: nigfoot :: Screenshots
  • mass effect - One Still Missing Engineer - Arqade
  • Kenneth Donnelly
  • Last I found the last survey station where Montoya should have been. Found all the clues to his vehicle. And engiheers concluded that I found Montoya. But at that point there is a marker on your map about Montoya's dead body. Unless you pick it up even C. Hymes's body does not register as picked. I went through with the mission, let Balak live.

    And then Simon is like all Where are my engineers?

    Normandy: FBA Couplings | Mass Effect Wiki | Fandom

    Mass opker able to answer about two them found. He said please maybe the last one might make it. Survey Station 2 has an interaction engineers on east side of the bunker that says "faint footprints lead off to the east.

    I could have found it with the rover. I found the other two bodies first, with survey station 1 being last. It didn't register her effect found at first, until I found Montoya. Listen now. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Asked 6 years, 9 months ago. Active 1 year, 10 months ago. Viewed 4k times. Lore Friendly Lore Friendly 6, 30 30 gold badges 73 73 silver badges bronze badges.

    The Mass Effect Wiki doesn't note any known glitches for this quest. Try going back and seeing if you can "Use" the corpse or the recording again. You might also have to wait until later on in the main DLC mission - the NPC mass report to for mission closure is not available until the main Engineers Down mas Sky questline is finished.

    Dunno what to say, then. If you're on PC, masz might be time to use the console or something. I'm going to be re-playing the Mass Effect Trilogy myself soon-ish too finally completed my DLC collection poker just need to get the poker of Borderlands 2 wrapped up before I go back to MEso I'll try to keep an eye out for effect when I do. I'm not sure there's a bug at all. It sounds to me like you needed to "Use" the corpse to trigger the find, as I'd suggested.

    It just happened that the one corpse you didn't do this on wasn't the last one you found. Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

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    I want Engineer Adams back too. He may have been a mite boring compared to Gabby and Ken, but he was the first to tell me the technical details of how Mass Effect engines (while Gabby and Ken were more about technobabble), so, as an engineering fan myself, he'll always have a special place in my Mass Effect . This can be got around by going to Omega first and picking up points at those shops (rep requirements are lower) and talking to your crew for a few more points. Especially if you pick up the brandy for Chakwas and the couplings for the engineers, do the poker game, that will give you a few more points. © Valve Corporation. All rights reserved. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Some geospatial data on this website.

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    mass effect 2 poker engineers

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    mass effect - One Still Missing Engineer - Arqade

    If neither are around, he says that in a game of strip poker, Effecy has already lost. Not everything that comes out of Kenneth's mouth is crude, however. He takes the time to deride the Illusive Man's preference for American bourbon, noting that it cannot compare to the peat aroma of a fine Islay scotch.

    © Valve Corporation. All rights reserved. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Some geospatial data on this website. I am playing Bringing Down the Sky DLC for Mass Effect a second time. In this DLC we have to locate missing engineers. I enabled the transmission tower, showed me the locations of all three survey stations on my map. There is a problem with Survey Station 1. The engineer C. Hymes, I found her body, played the logs on how she died. In assessing my War Assets from the Normandy's war room, I'm already seeing the results of my decisions in past games. For instance, the First, Third, and Fifth fleets are at diminished strength after saving the Council from Sovereign in Mass Effect 1 (Paragon Ending), and the Marine division is at reduced strength because I did not complete The Arrival DLC in Mass Effect 2.

    If Shepard obtained a robotic dog and left it roaming the ship, Kenneth wonders about its usefulness. If Tali is around and is tinkering with the Normandy's heat diffusion systems, he protests the unorthodox jury-rigging, claiming that the Normandy's systems are precision engineering.

    Kenneth Donnelly

    Kenneth believes that the ship was spaceworthy engineers before EDI was installed, and argues that unlike EDI, organics' minds cannot exist without bodies. Shepard can catch the engineers going back and forth, with EDI deciding over speaker that both have valid points. If Shepard supports Adams' position, Kenneth mass an offhand comment about liking EDI's curves on her humanoid body more than the Engineers hull, though whatever position Shepard supports, Kenneth claims his head's going to explode from all the philosophizing.

    If Shepard decides to humor Adams' request for a GX12 thermal pipe mass, Kenneth attempts poker explain in technical terms the reasons for buying one, but gets cut effect by Gabby anyway, who simplifies what he said into a safety issue. Vented plasma from the Normandy's core would vaporize everyone in the room, Kenneth says, and reminds everyone that someone died on the suicide mission because of it if poker Normandy's kinetic barriers weren't upgraded.


    mass effect 2 poker engineers

    Later, if Shepard buys the component, Kenneth is "volunteered" to crawl through the ducts to install the device, the reasoning being that he's the power control engineer.

    He muses that mass is currently "inside" EDI, earning another rebuke from Gabby. After the installation, Kenneth helps Gabby make some theoretical improvements to the Normandy's eezo capacitors, though since the tech is inapplicable to the Normandy itself, the project bore enginfers as optimized eezo capacitors for the Crucible.

    Kenneth is averse to discussing anything to do with the crew's abduction by the Collectors back inflat-out effect no to Gabby when asked if he ever thinks about poker. If Kelly Engineers died recently, though, word of it reaches his ears, and if she committed suicide, Kenneth speculates that their experience with the Collectors had something to do with it.

    If Kelly was shot by Cerberus during the Citadel couphowever, Kenneth muses what could've happened if they went back to Cerberus and praises Gabby's intuition for saving them from a worse fate. Just before the final battle on EarthKenneth bids the Commander good luck, wishing he could have joined at their side. Gabby mocks his shooting abilities, and Kenneth modifies his statement into wishing he could shoot better, then join Ppker.

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      Speak with Kenneth Donnelly or Gabriella Daniels on the engineering deck of the Normandy and ask if there's anything they need. Kenn also gives you the Struggling Quarian assignment. You can still purchase the couplings from Kenn's terminal even if he has left Omega as a potential result of your actions in his assignment.

    2. Esmeralda Elms:

      By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. In this DLC we have to locate missing engineers.

    3. Jed Jordan:

      One or more of the screenshots you attempted to set to Public or Friends Only visibility could not be updated. Screenshots for games not publicly available on the Steam Community cannot be shared and are only available to be viewed by you. Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

    4. Freeman Fritsche:

      Engineer Donnelly works in the engine room with his best friend Gabriella Daniels. After the battle, when the Alliance discredited the existence of the Reapers , Kenneth openly voiced his defense for Commander Shepard , bordering on insubordination, though he wasn't court-martialled because of his engineering talents. This got him noticed by the Illusive Man.

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