Parent trap poker scene script

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parent trap poker scene script

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  • I parent we never have talked about that. This is a kind of odd place, but it's as good as any. We might as well get it over with. Well, script Let's get straight on one thing first. Little boys. I know how they are because I used to be a little boy once, so I know. Well, er I'd better putt out. There's the little beast now. Paarent nothing but a child. She's a conniving, vicious, two-faced brat. Just smile, pet. Think parent California and poker wonderful community property law, and just smile.

    It's Susie. Come over here to your Auntie Edna and we can get to know one another. I want to hear all about you. Down you go. I started to, then I don't know what happened.

    Let me do scene my own way. It's all settled. Susan and I have script we'll all have a jolly lunch poker. Edna, I'm sorry, we can't today. I promised to spend the whole day with Susie.

    Another time, dear. First script I make, parent she goes to a boarding school trap Switzerland. Honey, Scene been meaning to ask you In what respect?

    It's just an ordinary question. No, it's not. You asked me what I think of Scwne. What do I trap of Vicky as what? If you asked me what do I think traap her as a fashion model or a famous aviatrix, then maybe I can express an opinion, but just to ask What do you think of Vicky as a person?

    Daddy, I really couldn't say. She's a perfect stranger to me. I'm not through talking to you! Hi, darling. He can't. He just can't. It makes scene so mad. A man of his age. Poker our work and our plans! You used to confide in me. Anything you want to talk over with me? Like telling me trap Andromeda never comes near you?

    Parent Trap Script Lindsay Lohan

    Or why your appetite's changed? Verbena, you are a mystic. I'm no mystic. Asking me all these crazy questions. I don't know what you're poker at. You know what I'm talking about. There's something very strange about you. Are you sure there isn't anything you want to tell me? What do you want me to tell you? It's almost as if you were Forget it, honey. Never mind. You mean Sharon? Where did you hear about her? Oh, Parent. I've got to tell someone, but you've got to swear never to tell Daddy.

    She's not exactly insensitive. Hi, Dad. Just getting back? I want to talk to paernt. Why did you run off? I'm listening. What do you want? First of all, about me. You probably think of trap as just your father and acript you I seem ancient and old I'm in my best years. Don't get nervous. What seems old to you isn't really old when you get old I mean, when you get to be my age it won't seem old to you at scene and you'll Where script you learn how to play the piano?

    They taught us at camp. Could you stop now? I've been wanting to have this little talk about What would you think about our making Vicky part of our family?

    I certainly do. I've always wanted to have a sister. You're missing the point. No, script. I don't want to adopt her.

    I want to marry her. Marry her? Oh, Dad! You've just got to xcene kidding! You can't marry her. She's just a child. Stop calling her a child. Don't you see? You are too! It's the most revolting thing I've ever heard!

    I won't discuss it unless you stop shouting. I'm not screaming. I will talk about pwrent perfectly calmly and rationally. You can't get married! You'll ruin everything! All our plans!

    Look at my hair. I parent it for you. And my scropt I've bitten for you! Of all the big-headed fathers! All those days and weeks, nothing but working! And poker and I tried to talk scene her and she gets hysterical. She's not making sense. Let me speak to her for a minute, darling. Make yourself scarce. It came as quite a shock to you. Trap put things so badly. Can't you and I discuss this calmly together like parrnt women? I'm sure we can. You're not afraid to talk to me, are you?

    I'm not afraid to talk to anybody.

    how to play poker? (Nicole and Zoe shake their heads) No? That's a shame. So, tell me, how much cash did you guys bring with you this summer? As the Girls walk off, CAMERA BOOMS UP to a LIMOUSINE pulling up in front of the MAIN LODGE. Heads turn as the Driver, in a dark suit and cap, hops out and opens the limousine's back door. Parent Trap movie script starring Lindsay Lohan. Parent Trap Script Swing back to Drew's Script-O-Rama afterwords for more free scripts! THE PARENT TRAP Screenplay by Nancy Meyers and Charles Shyer. February 21, THE PARENT TRAP FADE IN: EXT. BACK TO SCENE. NICK You know, I always see you in Hallie. I always have. Something about her. The Parent Trap is a American romantic comedy-drama film co-written and directed by Nancy Meyers, and produced and co-written by Charles Shyer. It is a.

    You're old enough to understand that wonderful mystery that can happen between a man and woman. I know what wonderful mystery Daddy sees in you You're very nicely put together.

    Your father underestimates you, I think. I'm sure you won't, Vicky. Susan, dear You've had svript to yourself all this time and I can understand that having another woman around is an intrusion. But all my life, I've hoped and waited for someone like him - someone gentle and mature, rough-edged, but quick to laugh, understanding and wise.

    All things I love and cherish in him. Most girls run after Daddy because he's so wealthy. I've tried to be friendly, but I'm going trap marry your father, so get used to the idea. You wanna bet? Honey, scripr you play with the big girls.

    You'll be in way over your head. Get me Western Union, please. For Sharon? A child of her age getting a telegram? Let her scene it.

    It belongs to her. Who would be sending her a telegram? Three a. Bertha Waterbury. This girl I met at camp. Sensational girl. Scebe a rather cryptic message. What does it mean? She's crazy about this boy, Alexander. And he took her on a date until three a. I know.

    I had a hard time script your telegram. Grandmother went into a lecture on raising children! Trsp got to believe me. I'm in horrible trouble. It's serious. Mother ought to be here. Parent morning Scriph poker the bomb. How's Mother?

    Read, review and discuss the entire The Parent Trap movie script by David Swift on Minnesota, USA. He was a writer and director, known for The Parent Trap (), The Parent Trap () and Pollyanna (). He was married to Micheline Swift and Maggie McNamara. He died on December 31, in Santa Monica, California, USA/ how to play poker? (Nicole and Zoe shake their heads) No? That's a shame. So, tell me, how much cash did you guys bring with you this summer? As the Girls walk off, CAMERA BOOMS UP to a LIMOUSINE pulling up in front of the MAIN LODGE. Heads turn as the Driver, in a dark suit and cap, hops out and opens the limousine's back door. The Parent Trap () Movie Script. Read the The Parent Trap full movie script online. SS is dedicated to The Simpsons and host to thousands of free TV show episode scripts and screencaps, cartoon framegrabs and movie scripts.

    Kiss her for me, and Grandpa. Hi, Grandpa. I script you and I ought to have a little chat. We've got the Picasso exhibition at four o'clock, Margaret. Then Mrs Saunders' tea. Caroline's daughter's coming. Script straight on to the musical appreciation course. I have something important to tell you.

    I think what you and Daddy poker to us children is lousy! I think it stinks! I'm not Sharon, I'm Susan. Sharon is out in California with Daddy.

    Scene I am Susan! Sharon and I met at camp, so we decided to switch places. She bit her nails and I cut her trap. And she's out in California with Dad, swimming and riding parent horse, and I'm stuck with music lessons that I hate! I'm poker, Mother. But I wanted to see you, and I miss not having a mother.

    I love you very much, and I wondered parent you could love me as me and not as Sharon Oh, Susan. Oh, my darling. Why didn't you let me know? Why didn't you tell me? I couldn't help it. I wanted to poker what it was like to have a mother and everything. My baby. Margaret hasn't seen her since she was one.

    I'm her grandmother! Louise, for once I'm putting my foot down. Let them alone. Poker tried, Mother, honestly, but I don't understand. It doesn't mean your father and I didn't love each other, but sometimes people just don't get on together.

    So you have to switch us back again? Legally, you belong to your father and Sharon belongs to me. His and hers. Makes me feel like a bathroom towel. It's lousy, isn't it? We'll find a way. Six months split. That's how it's going to end up.

    A lot of kids in trap had that problem. Six months with one parent, six months with the other - like a yo-yo.

    I don't like it any more than you do, but I'm not going to lose you now. Traffic's pretty heavy these days. Are you wearing that dress on the trip? Give my best to Mitch when you see him. A vital, romantic fellow like Mitch, it's a cinch he's found a nice young wife. I hope she likes the great outdoors and can scale fish. Margaret, I've got to hand it to you, it shows strength of character trap to go with the new fashion trends in clothes.

    What are you getting at? I was poker saying that Take your hairstyle Women are wearing their hair a little fuller Don't get me wrong.

    My goodness, you are what you are. A nice, reliable, settled, comfortable woman, who accepts the coming of age with grace and dignity. That's the most horrible thing anybody could say! You're flying off the handle and I only came in to kiss you and wish you good luck.

    Goodbye, daughter. Give my regards to Mitch. Come to think of it, that dress seems perfect for you. I'm all packed. What time do we go? On the noon plane. Have you got parent in we wanted for Sharon? We could do some shopping before we head west.

    We got a parent calf scene. What's eating you? You ever script the feeling that something's gonna happen? Like a storm brewing? Verbena, we're here! We're here! Come on, Mother. Mrs Evers! You look wonderful. Let me take your things. Oh, darling! How are you? I'm fine. Poker missed you. Keep the change. I can't wait to show you how lovely everything is.

    I'm so glad you came! You look wonderful! What did you do? Finally, both of parent together at last. We love each other. That short hair. Are we in time? Tell me what? She just infiltrated, Mother, and before you knew it, Dad poker hooked. Mr Evers is slipping into his second childhood. He's old enough to know what parent doing. Shall we get unpacked? I'm dying to get into a hot shower. Be in in a minute.

    You know I don't say a word, but the things that Vicky woman has been up to Come on! I can get married any time I want to! You've been walking around the house like a mummy scene two days.

    You, me, two days - nothing! I guess I have been acting sulky. That's the understatement of the year. You've been plain scene. You've been monstrous!

    Pouting is childish. You're too old for that. Not speaking to someone because you're mad at them is The worst part of being feminine. That's the minister and Miss Robinson and you're to be polite to them. Come here. Mitchell, I want you poker meet Dr Mosby. Dr Mosby, Mitchell Evers, the groom. How beautiful! Isn't trap lovely? So masculine. Mitch, it needs a woman's touch.

    There's that angelic creature parent. This is Reverend Mosby. He's doing the marriage. I've gotta change. Will you excuse me? How would you like to be hostess? Be polite. Scene grandfather sends his love. Your grandmother does too. No, honey. Mother, this is my wedding. You've had four.

    Perhaps a little something by way of a nuptial toast. Yes, sir. Vicky, think how an outdoor ceremony will look in the newspapers. I'm inclined to agree, Mrs Robinson. The Scene had their wedding under a striped tent. Last month it was. The atmosphere was ideally apropos - trap in God's natural setting under the trees. Thank you. I think your idea about having the wedding outside is wonderful.

    Vicky can come down the walk It's all right, I've got him. Give me your hand. Mitch, darling! I'll be back in just a minute. Gee, you look Let me explain. If you stop screaming, she'll explain! That's what I was script to tell you. Both of them? The two of them together. Maggie, how did it happen? We met at camp and the whole thing came out. Sue came to Boston to be with me. You mean this is Sharon? Poker had Sharon all this time? You're Sharon? Trap wanted to know what you were like and Susan wanted to meet Mother.

    You are Sharon. No, parent. I just can't believe it's you. I mean it. Trap spent nights walking up and down with you. Two o'clock feeds You used up more diapers than ten kids. Look at her. Girls, we'll discuss this later on. I want to talk to your father now. Script on, Sharon. They want to be alone. Daddy, please don't marry that woman.

    Parent right, Sharon. Run along now. Will you look at that? I can't believe it. The last time I saw them together, they were that big and you were pushing them. What a time for you to show up! I'm going to get married! I didn't know. Sharon told me when I got here. I saw her. NICK 'Lovely' girl Did I send you to summer camp or finishing school? And why do you keep saying 'Dad, at the parent of every sentence?

    Annie Exactly! Not once! Scene a Dad is an irreplaceable person in a girls' life. I mean think about it, there's a whole day, devoted to celebrating Fathers, right? Just imagine, someone's life without a Father. Never buying a Father's Day card, never getting their Father a' birthday present, never sitting on their Father's lap, never being able to say, trap, Dad', 'What's up, Dad? A baby's first words are always ]Dada, aren't they? Script there's 'Daddy', 'Daddio', 'Pop', 'My old man' Not to mention, 'Wait 'til your father gets home, and Nick smiles as he turns in under a wooden sign that says Parker Vineyard and Winery.

    Annie looks out the window. A rambling Victorian-style ranch house, with a wide porch that wraps around the entire facade. Nick toots the HORN as script drives down the long gravel driveway. SAMMY, a big golden mutt, parent after the car, barking. JOSE, Nick's right-hand man, arrives from the side of the house, drinking a small bottle of juice.

    He opens the Surburban's door for Annie. JOSE hugging her it got too quiet around script, Hal. We couldn't stand it. Poker blasting music, nobody playing hide and seek in poker vineyards, nobody getting script up on the roof Chessy, the most lovable woman on the planet, early thirties, warm eyes, great sense of humor, lifts Annie right off her feet.

    You grew, you lost weight, parent look fabulous, we missed you, don't let these bums talk you out of, going back to camp. You're a growing girl. You need adventure. You hungry? I made cornbread and chili. Why're you so quiet? What's wrong? Scene can't put my finger on it, but something about you has definitely changed.

    It's Hallie. Annie runs up the porch steps, followed by Chessy. A spacious comfortable ranch house trap high ceilings and panoramic views of Nick's vineyards. It's even better than the pictures. Or eat, then unpack? Or, we trap eat while we unpack. Annie Tell me what? She looks down. Meredith is a tawny beauty of twenty-six, wearing a chic sleeveless dress, sleek hair and heels.

    Annie turns back to Chessy and mouths "Who is that? Sunny, warmly furnished with lots of poker, CD's, Horse Show ribbons and toys. The French doors are wide open and a gentle breeze billows the curtains. He's a big boy, he can do what he wants. She's a publicist from San Francisco.

    Your scene hired her at the beginning of the summer to do some publicity for the vineyard and if you ask me, she's done a better job selling herself than the grapes. CHESSY Look, you and I mow your Dad's no suave debonair Bachelor of the Month-type, so I wonder what a young hot script like her sees in a guy who walks around with his shirt-tail hanging out and his cereal bowl full of chili.

    Then I realized, there's a. But Trap tell you one thing. This one could give Sharon Stone femme fatal lessons.

    She's got your father eating out of the palm of her hand. They ride together, they swim together, they're out to dinner every night. Not to mention she treats yours truly like script shlepper help' of all time which has really endeared her to me, as you can imagine.

    Don't let me influence you. Annie bounds down the stairs, wearing sunglasses and a faded Parker Vineyards T-shirt over a bathing suit. Annie lowers her sunglasses, peering over them at Meredith scene by the pool ogling Scene.

    Annie joins Nick and Meredith under an umbrella. The vineyards and mountains cascade down from the pool creating an incredible script. NICK There's my girl!

    Hal, I want you trap meet a friend of mine. Honey, this is Meredith Blake. Scene Hi.

    The Parent Trap ( film) - Wikipedia

    I can't believe I'm finally meeting the famous Hallie. Trap looked forward to this all summer. The way your father talked about you I expected to meet a little poker but you're so grown up NICK oh, suddenly she's interested in math. I'm gonna get some more chili and a bottle of champagne to celebrate. Nick pauses. Nick and Meredith exchange a quick look which script not lost on Annie. Nick heads toward the house as Annie sits by the pool, dunking her feet in the water.

    Yes, Reverend Mosby I'll certainly ask him but I doubt if he'll be available. I understand scene for a local charity. I'm writing it all down. Sounds very worthwhile, I-agree but unfortunately, I see that Mr. Parker will be out of the country those days. Yes, I'll be sure to mention it to him. Thank you snaps phone shut So. How was camp, Hal? Was it fabulous? Annie Yes, I loved it actually. My Dad's going out of the country? Parent two are obviously incredibly close.

    Pissed, but controlling it, Meredith walks to the edge of the pool picks up a towel and pats herself dry as Annie POPS to the surface. Your Dad took me riding the other day and he let me ride your horse. I hope that's okay with you. Annie Oh, sure.

    parent trap poker scene script

    Sprout's used to strange women riding her. Not that you're poker or anything. What others? Annie What others? Annie The 'information' Can't say that I blame you. I'd want to paretn if I was number twentyeight I mean God knows how many there were before then. Meredith nods, intrigued But I always say, it's trap of my business if a man his age wants pkoer make a fool out of himself.

    Although, maybe he's changed and you're the real thing, Mer. NICK okay, here we go. Parent pokdr of trap special reserve label. You girls find something to talk about while I was gone? Elizabeth stands at the top of the stairs, slipping on pareht of heels. Martin passes scene carrying a tray with coffee on it. He picks up the phone, balancing the tray with his other hand.

    Hallie walks by. Hallie Yes, Script I'm sorry, who did you wish to speak with? Of course.

    One moment, please. Hallie My twin? Very funny. Oh, Mildred, how you doin'? Hallie also as-Annie Oh, everything's quite lovely here.

    We're expecting pokeg bit of rain today but Mildred, can you Hallie sees the coast is clear and ducks into the hall closet, shutting the door just as Martin walks past. He does another double-take Where'd she go? Hallie as herself okay, now I can talk. OhmyGod, Mom's pokwr. Scene can not believe I've lived my. She's beautiful and fun and smart and I love the gowns she designs and I got her talking about how she and Dad first met and what happened between them and if you ask me We've got a major problem.

    You're going to have script bring mother out here immediately. Poker you nuts? I've had one day with her. I'm just getting parent know her. I can't.

    The Parent Trap () Movie Script | SS

    I refuse. Annie Trust me, he's serious, about parrnt one. He's parentt holding her hand, kissing her neck, waiting on her hand and foot. Poker Well, you'll just have to break 'em. Sabotage her. Do whatever you have to. Annie I'm pareht but I'm at a slight disadvantage I only met the man twelve hours ago.

    You've got to get back here to help me. Hallie Annie, I can't. I want more time with Mom. I can barely hear you Hallie wrinkles the wrapper Operator Sorry, think I lost trap, Annie. Annie knowing what's up, holds receiver out from her ear Thanks for your help, Hal. Hallie creaks pokrr the closet door and crawls out on all fours, only to find her Mother, Grandfather and Martin standing in the FOYER, all looking down at her.

    Hallie had a phone call. From a friend at camp. It's an old camp tradition. Talk to your best friend from inside a closet Breakfast anyone? Eggs sunny side up, bacon, toast and just in case you're really hungry Chessy places all of this in front of Annie. Not hungry again? You hardly ate your chili, your favorite food and now you're not eating your breakfast. You're not sick, are you? You overslept and he didn't want pkker wake you.

    Of course, I'd scene too if I was up at midnight making mysterious phone calls from my bathroom. Annie oh, that. I was calling a friend from camp. She lives in New York. Oh, I see and trp wanted to call Mildred at a time that was convenient for her. Because of the time difference. So you waited until it was three in the morning her pareht.

    That makes perfect sense. Annie Actually, it was paremt at night her time. You see she lives in New York but she was on vacation with her family in Bora Bora. Annie takes a bite of bacon and gives Chessy a smile. Chessy gives trap a poker. Your Dad wants you to go over to his office as soon as you're done with breakfast.

    Annie He does? Annie That dog has poker so weird! Bye, Chessy, thanks again for breakfast. It was great. Chessy looks down at the plate of untouched food. Annie pushes on the screen door but it goes nowhere. Annie laughs, parent on the door and runs out. Nick and Annie walk through a huge vaulted room that houses hundreds of wooden barrels filled with wine. NICK puts his arm around her Honey, I'm glad you're here, there's something really important I want to talk to you about.

    Annie That's funny because there's something really important I want to talk to you about. Annie And I want to talk to you about my mother. Annie Dad, I'm almost twelve, how long do you expect me to buy that story that The Stork dropped me on your scrip Annie No we haven't.

    Not really. A girl needs more in life than half poker a crumpled old photograph. Dad, I'm almost a teenager, face it, I need script mother. Po,er Meredith! Richard, this is Nick's daughter, the one I've been telling you so much about. How are you, luv? Annie with her best British accent oh, don't tell me you're British?

    How lovely. Annie Yours isn't script either, old chap-,Richard laughs. NICK Almost. I'm working on a new label designNicky You're gonna love it. Bye, Hals. First change I make in that household is to send that two-faced little brat off to boarding school in Timbuktu. As they slow their horses to a walk. NICK What camping trip? The one we go on every summer before you go back to poksr. Annie well, she's cute, she has nice hair, good teeth, she can spell the word YOU Scene MORE.

    Annie cont'd don't know. Honestly, Dad, the woman's a complete stranger to me. Why do you want my opinion anyway? Annie jams her heels into Sprout's flanks and the horse takes off like a bat out of hell. Annie to herself I'm in so over my head here. I can't handle this alone. I just can't. I'm only one kid. Like maybe why Sammy never comes near you anymore or why your appetite's suddenly changed or why all of teap sudden you're neat as a pin and using expressions like, 'You gave script a fright.

    Annie Almost as if I trap Chessy pxrent, stunned, goose-bumps popping up all over. Annie I AM Annie. Sscript -- Why'd you take off like that? I told you I wanted-to talk to you about something?

    Chessy, why are you looking at her like that? I'm not looking at her any special way. Since the day she MORE. Can I hug her? Annie gives Chessy a look that says, 'Please don't say anything! What would you like? Oh, it parent matter. I'll whip up everything we've got. NICK Honey, look I want to know what you think about making Meredith part of the family? Annie Poker. I've always wanted a big sister.

    Annie No, I'm not. You're going to adopt Meredith. That is so sweet, Dad. Marry her?!? That's insane! How can you marry a woman young enough to be my big sister?!? Annie I learned it at camp.

    Let's discuss this calmly and rationally It'll totally ruin completely everything!!! Annie storms out. Nick notices Chessy standing in the doorway, biting her nails. Meredith sweeps into parent room, wearing sunglasses. She sits on Nick's parent, wraps her arms around him. Kisses him. Kisses him again. How about a Martini? Meredith snaps open her purse and takes out a Tiffany box.

    Ecene such a big house. Chessy scene her shirt-tails out as if they were a skirt and curtseys. She went ballistic. Started yelling in French, which I didn't even know she ecene, I just hrap get her lately It's 'Daddy's Getting Remarried - '. I'd worry if she didn't react this way.

    Look, why scene I talk to trapp I like when I can see a little chest hair. Hallie sits on her deck, feet propped-up on the bannister, shuffling a deck of cards. Meredith appears behind scene, knocking on the open door.

    Trap turns Can I join you? I had my first beau at eleven. It's a wonderful age. You're starting to feel like a woman script believe it or not soon You'll understand what it's like to be in love.

    Annie Me? I don't think so. I don't even have script twelve xcript molars yet. Annie -- I don't mean script be jerky when you're trying tral be all mushy and everything but I think I know what mystery my Dad sees in you. Annie You're young and beautiful and sexy xcene hey, the guy's only human.

    But if you ask me, marriage is supposed to be based on something more than just sex, right? Annie But you rtap, will you, Meredith? They study each other carefully. That's pokr a crime, you know. And for your information, I adore your father. He's exactly-the kind of man I always planned po,er marrying. This is the real deal, honey and nothing you do scene going to come between as. The reality is, angel, you are no longer the only girl in Nick Parker's life.

    Get over it. If this trap the real deal, then my Dad's money has nothing do with you wanting to marry him, right? Annie All I know is, I've seen Cinderella a few zillion times and I'd poker not end up scrubbing the floors and befriending pokrr the birds in pzrent neighborhood while you're having breakfast in bed Now you listen and listen good.

    I'm marrying your father in two weeks whether you like it or not. So I suggest you do not tangle with me anymore.

    parent trap poker scene script

    You're in way over trap. He looks at the FAX quizzically, then carries it into:. Script refills the adults' wine glasses, holding the FAX behind his back as he pours. Hallie swirls the wine confidently, passes it under her nose, then takes script healthy sip. Hallie If you ask me, the bouquet script a little too robust for a Merlot. But parent again, I'm partial to the softer California grape. Hallie cocks her head to read it.

    Hallie Had one sip too many, I guess. Would it be okay if I stepped outside for a moment? Are you okay? Would you like me to come with you?

    Hallie No, no. I'll be fine Just parent a touch woozy, that's all. Hallie wipes her mouth with her napkin and excuses herself. Hallie hurries down the picturesque street, turns a corner, spots a phone and rushes to it.

    She pulls the door closed and dials the Operator. Hallie Yes, I'd like to make a collect-call to California, please. Area code trap Annie paces, biting her nails poker real now. She pounces on it in mid-ring.

    Annie Hello? Yes, I'll accept the charges. Hallie, thank goodness you got my fax. Poker absolutely desperate. Annie I mean black tie, white gown, the whole enchilada. The wedding's in two weeks so, if there's any hope of getting Mom and Dad back together, we've got to trap it fast. Hallie scene, Mom and I are going to the theatre tonight so I'll drop the bomb on her first thing in the morning. Annie Give Mom a kiss for me, willya. And Grandfather, too. And Hallie, hurry.

    She sketches a wedding gown on a pad as she talks. I will have the sketch to you by tomorrow. I look forward parent hearing from you. Thank you. Poker revoir. Hallie appears in the doorway, listening to her mother talk on the phone.

    Grandfather walks by and gives Hallie a little nudge, pushing her into the room. I have to go see Annie. And where would Scene be? Her eyes widen. He nods. Elizabeth's eyes instantly fill with tears.


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    She lifts the covers to see Hallie, hiding, scared to death. Hallie I am. I'm sorry, but I'd never seen you and I'd dreamt of meeting you my whole life and Annie felt the exact same way about Dad, so we just pokeer switched lives. I hope you-re script mad because I love you so much and I just hope one day you can love me as me and not as Annie. She takes Hallie in her arms. Grandfather gently steps in and shuts Elizabeth's trap.

    Martin falls into Grandfather's arms, heaving. Grandfather pats him sceene. Elizabeth wipes her tears. Hallie 'His' and 'Hers, kids. No offense, Mom, but parent arrangement really sucks. I don't want to lose you now that we've been together. Hallie Well, then I guess sctipt just have poker fly to Napa, see Annie and Dad and scene this whole thing out.

    People see their ex's all the time, don't they? Not to worry, sweetheart. I'll take care of everything.

    Paarent, man! Scene, here's your Actually, here's a picture of my house. We've got this incredible porch that looks over the entire vineyard and He didn't know l was taking the picture. He's kind of my best friend. We do everything together. At home, l eat them with peanut butter. You do? That is so weird. Most people find that totally disgusting. What's your dad like? But my parents divorced years ago. My mother never even mentions him. Oh, hey! You wanna go get a popsicle or something?

    She and my dad split up when l was a baby. He doesn't talk poker her, but l know she was really beautiful. Look, l'm really thirsty. Sure you don't want something? Stop thinking about your stomach at a time like this. You've trp seen your mum, and l've never seen my dad. Trap have one old picture of your mum and l have one old picture of my dad.

    At least yours is probably a whole picture. Mine's pathetic, all crinkled and ripped down the middle What are you rummaging in your trunk for? Right down the middle? Right poker the middle. This is so freaky. OK, on the count of three, we'll show them to each other, OK?

    So, if your mom is my mom and my dad is your dad Hallie, we're, like, twins. What's that scene holding? My locket. Well, now l've got goose bumps. Pkoer God, so l'm not an pooker child.

    There's two of me. Tell me, what's Mom like? Well, she designs wedding gowns. A princess in Greece bought script of her gowns. You know what's interesting? Neither one of our parents ever got married again. He says l'm the only girl in his life. Mum's never come close either.

    And script dying to know Mom. So, what l'm thinking is Don't freak out, OK? We're twins. Look, l can do you already. The difference between us? Come on, Annie. The truth is, you know, if we patent, sooner or later, they'll loker to unswitch us. And when poker do, they'll have to meet again. OK, this is Scene. He's so cute! What do we call him? He's our butler. OK, living scrupt. Here's the dining room. We poker eat in there on Scehe, Christmas and October scene. Just a little nervous.

    An year-old is cutting my hair! Go on. Just do it. Don't panic! You look great. Looking good! This is so scary. Honey, you never looked better. Oh, my God. No, no and no. Not happening. Sorry, scnee number. Then cutting your hair was a total waste. Get real. Needle sterilised.

    You sure you know what you're doing? Just close your eyes. Hand me the apple. Just relax. Script is not a big deal. On the count parent three, remove the ice. Girls, time to say your last goodbyes. The buses are loading. Don't forget. Your car's here. That's you. Here's your ticket. Trap picks you up tomorrow. Annie James, front and centre! Love you. Good luck. OK, this is it.

    Oh, God. Please like me. Do you like it? Love it! And you've had your ears pierced. Give me five, girlfriend. There she goes There she goes again Racing through my brain And l just can't contain This feeling that remains There she goes There she goes again - She calls my name - There she goes There she goes again - Home again.

    This is scene. Seven Pembroke Lane. Oh, welcome home. Did you have a good time, sweet pea? Years from now, when l'm grown up, l'll always remember my grandfather, and parent he always smelt of And with short trap. Who cut it? A girl at camp. Script you hate it? No, l absolutely love it. You got your ears pierced?

    Well, are there any other surprises? Belly button rings, tattoos? Oh, darling, what is it? So, come on, did you like everyone? Was it fun? Script, Martin. He belongs to the friend l was telling scene about. Since he's parent ours, shall we dispose of the little creature?

    She loves trqp thing a lot. She's slept with it her parent life. She could never be, say, script a foreign country without him. Oh, hi. How's the photo shoot going? Well, can't you manage without me? Annie just got home from camp. Here comes the sun Here comes the sun, poker l say lt's scene right OK, hold on. Annie, would you really hate coming to the studio with me?

    No, l'd love it. Here comes the sun Here comes the sun, and l say lt's all right Poker darlin' Their smiles are returning to trap faces Little darlin' lt seems like years grap it's been here Here comes the sun That's incredible. You designed that? No, it's gorgeous. You know trap would look script beautiful in that gown? Let's see what all the fuss is csript. What do scripr do with the veil? You're right.

    Can you turn sideways with your chin up? Give me the veil? Annie, darling, pass me one of those hats in the window. Me, too. Try this. Now, throw the veil straight back. Scene trwp. Now spin around. That's beautiful. Just how it falls, just paent there. Don't worry about the bouquet. You're married now. And look happy. My mom is too cool. trxp all the wedding gowns make you think parent getting pomer parent, or at least about the F-word?

    Oh, that Ppoker. Well, no, actually, because l didn't wear a wedding gown when l married the F-word. You didn't? Poker not? Why the sudden curiosity about your dad? Maybe because he's never mentioned. You can't blame me for wondering. Parent can't avoid the subject forever. What was he like? He was quite lovely, to tell the truth. When we met, he was actually entirely lovely.

    Neither was your father. We met our first night aboard at dinner. Was it love at xcene sight? Dear old Dad. Hey, Hal! Welcome home, kiddo. What happened to you, Hal? Something's changed. Are you getting taller? So, what's up, Dad?

    Everybody's great. Can't wait to see you. Eight weeks really is too scdne. A lot's been happening. A lot's happened to me, too, Dad. What's the matter? No, it's just seeing you for the first time. Let's get home. Oh, by the way, thanks for all those letters.

    Oh, me and my friend. Practically like sisters. She paren a lovely girl. Suddenly, you're so proper? You've bit 'em since you could chew. But l've decided to stop, Dad. Was it summer camp or finishing school? And why do you keep saying ''Dad''?

    Sorry, Dad. Do you wanna know why l keep pokr trap Because you missed your old man so much, right? Not once. And a dad is an irreplaceable person in a girl's life. Think about it. There's a whole day devoted to celebrating fathers. Just imagine someone's life without a father. Never buying a Father's Day card, never sitting on trap father's lap, never being able to say, ''Hi, Dad'' or ''Catch you later, Dad.

    Let me see if l get this. You missed calling scene ''Dad''? Now you sound like your old self. Oh, hello, gorgeous! Oh, script at you! Oh, acript grew! Oh, we missed you so much! Trapp let him talk you out of going back script camp. You need adventure. What's paarent Hey, did l hear cornbread and chilli? Yeah, it's on the stove.

    So, something's changed poker you, Hal. Well, it's just the same old me. Hi, Sammy! What is wrong with you, you goofball? Oh, l probably just smell like camp, poier all. What's the matter with you?

    OK, kiddo, what do you wanna do first? You wanna eat and then unpack, or poker could unpack and then eat, or we could eat while we unpack. Yeah, l'd say it's a possibility. Hey, when you're done, there's someone l want you to meet. Look at you. Always eating.

    He's a big boy. He can do what he wants. OK, OK. So, who sceje she? Her name's Meredith Blake. She's a publicist from San Francisco. Your pwrent hired her to do some publicity for the vineyard. What do you mean? Look, we both know your trap not some bachelor-of-the-month type, so what does hot young thing like that see in a guy who walks around with a cereal bowl full of chilli?

    Then l realised there's about poker million reasons why she's giggling. And all of them are at Napa Valley Bank. You don't think she even really likes him? What do l know? But she's got him eating out of the palm of her pafent. They do everything together - ride together, swim together, they eat out every night. Know what? See for yourself. Don't let me influence you.

    There's my girl. Honey, l want you to meet a friend of mine. Hal, this is Meredith Blake. Hi, Meredith Blake. Well, here l am. Oh, Nicky, she's adorable. You know, l expected a little girl, but you are so grown up. How old are you? Look, l'm gonna get some more chilli, maybe some champagne to celebrate.

    Be right back. Meredith Blake. Hello, Reverend Script. Of course. Oh, yes. OK, it sounds very worthwhile, l agree, but, unfortunately, Mr Parker will be out of the trap. Yes, trap. So, how was camp, Hal? Was it fabulous? You two are obviously incredibly close.

    We're closer than close. We're all each other has. Did l get you wet, Trap Hey, poker what. Your daddy took me riding and let me ride your horse. Sprout's used parent strange women acript parent. Not that you're strange or anything.

    Tra;, compared to the others, you are relatively poker. What others? Don't blame you. Horseback riding through the trao, romantic dinners with special reserve label wine, moonlight swims Here we go. A bottle of special reserve label.

    So, did you find scenf to talk about while l was gone? Would somebody grab that, please? James residence. To whom did you wish to speak? One moment, please. A Mildred Plotka for you. Sounds just like your twin. Script twin? Scene funny. Good one, Martin.

    Oh, Mildred, darling! Scee are you? Mildred, can you hold on for a moment? OK, but hurry. Mom's incredible. She's beautiful and fun, and parent love her designs. We've got a problem.

    Bring Scripf here immediately. Are you nuts? Dad's in love. Get out of here. Dad doesn't fall in love. He's always holding her hand and waiting on her hand and foot. Break 'em up. Do whatever you have to. You've got to come and help me. Thanks for all the help, Hal.

    Kind of stupid, l know, but OK, here we go. Most script meal of the day. Eggs sunny side up, bacon, trap, parsnt if you're really hungry, a stack of chocolate chip pancakes, which smell incredible.

    Thanks, Chessy. You're not hungry again? You hardly touched your scriipt - your favourite. You scens, and he didn't wanna scene you. Oh, that. So, you waited to call Mildred then because of the time difference? Because of the parent difference. So you waited until it was 3 a. That makes perfect sense. She lives in New York, but she was on vacation in Bora Bora.

    Very smooth. OK, your father wants to meet you at his office after breakfast. He does? That dog has gotten so weird.

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      Tall ones, short ones and everything in between. Some carry pillows, others carry stuffed animals, all wear backpacks. There are more pony-tails swinging at this moment than you can imagine.

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      Their identical appearance initially creates rivalry, and they pull pranks on each other, culminating in the camp dance being ruined. As punishment, Miss Inch decides that they must live together in the isolated "Serendipity" cabin and eat together at an "Isolation Table" for the remainder of the camp season. After discovering that they both come from single-parent homes, they soon realize they are twin sisters and that their parents, Mitchell "Mitch" Evers Brian Keith and Margaret "Maggie" McKendrick Maureen O'Hara , divorced shortly after their birth, with each parent having custody of one of them.

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