Ca lottery scratcher odds

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ca lottery scratcher odds

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  • New Website for CALottery | Lottery Post

    Cash in a Flash Multiplier Dia de los Muertos Lady Luck lottery Line 'Em Up Loose Change Mystery Crossword Stacks of Green Super 7's Tripling Bonus Crossword Beginner's Luck Big Money Odds Crossword Lottery Cash Double Your Money Easy as I Heart the Bens Instant Prize Odds Mega 7's Mega Scratcher Precious Jewels Ultimate 7's Wild Bingo Winning 7's Xtreme Scratcher Super 8's Holiday Magic TX doesn't mess around.

    Sooper dooper top seekrit winning numbers: 5 16 17 24 33 Lkttery will never happen, they're just trickling out or treat the new format.

    ca lottery scratcher odds

    oddds I emailed Cal Lotto and they claim "over time" the old features will be back like the tiered winnings for scracther tickets. But, i'm not holding my breath. I also emailed my local news teams about this.

    California Lottery - Wizard of Odds

    I'm sure all local news affiliates have one. If you don't tell them they won't know.

    ca lottery scratcher odds

    Alva Vernon Johnson has a twitter account. I let him know my displeasure in a professional way. I got the same canned response too. They essentially told me the changes were to better serve mobile users and the visually impaired who use screen reading tech.

    Scratchers | California State Lottery

    How does removing most of the prize information about scratchers help blind people, or anyone for that matter? I see they now included the overall odds of winning a prize for each ticket, but some "prizes" are just a free ticket. The old website listed both the overall odds and the cash prize odds which are more relevant to a typical player.

    Odxs still can't research which tickets have only cash prizes and which tickets have a buttload of free ticket prizes. Alva used to lobby the state gov't for the Indian tribes' gaming interests. Now he's odda about making money for the state and I'm certain his input is behind the new website and its sharp pivot away from transparency.

    SuperLotto Plus Game Card

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    Oct 30,  · Looks like the CA lottery is trying a new tactic to make a little more money off people: withhold information. So far the missing items that I've noticed are. Scratchers games end on a regular basis. You have days from a game’s end date to collect prizes, known as the Last Day to Claim Prizes. If the Last Day to Claim Prizes falls on a non-business day (a weekend or holiday), you must present your valid winning ticket to the Arizona Lottery no later than 5 pm the following business day. I’ve always been fascinated by how the lottery works. From a mathematical point of view spending money on lottery tickets is a complete waste of time and money. There are a few exceptions – when a lottery is poorly designed, it is possible to game the system and actually earn money – here’s a famous Continue reading "California Lottery – Scratchers – picking the winning tickets.

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      From a mathematical point of view spending money on lottery tickets is a complete waste of time and money. So general public seems to ignore the probability theory and continues to spend money in pursuite of the elusive multimillion grand prizes of the numerous lotteries. I decided to take a closer look at Califortia State Lottery and came across a very nice analysis done by the Wizard of Odds.

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      This page reflects the top prizes claimed and remaining for each Scratchers game. Select the Game Name to view all prizes remaining for that game.

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      Topic closed. Last post 2 months ago by cottoneyedjoe.

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