Alienware m17x r3 memory slots

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alienware m17x r3 memory slots

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  • How to Upgrade Your Alienware 17's RAM | Laptop Mag
  • RAM & SSD Upgrades | Alienware M17xR3 |
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  • Memory Upgrades for your Alienware M17x R3 | Dell USA
  • [FYI] M17x R2 + 16GB RAM works. - Alienware M17x / AW 17 - Tech|Inferno Forums
  • Is accessing the secondary RAM slots (the ones under the keyboard) on an ALIENWARE M17X - R EXACTLY the same as for an R3??? I need to put in some more RAM into the secondary slots and found this video on YouTube. How to Upgrade Your Alienware 17's RAM. You'll need a Phillips head screwdriver and some new DDR4 SODIMMs, which range in price from $64 for a pair of 8GBs (16GB) to $ for a pair of 16GBs (32GB). Choose DIMMs with a speed of DDR (as opposed to DDR) for maximum performance. Be sure to make a backup of your data before opening up your laptop. Jan 11,  · Using 16gb ram is enough for 8gb system, 4gb ramdisk for a 4gb pagefile and 4gb virtual machine if one ever needed and otherwise 12gb would still be for system. 12gb is plenty too 8gb system 4gb ramdisk or 12gb system either way much over 6gb is not as common to us all of it.

    Yup These systems definately have some longevity to them. Silver chassis ftw. Nice man, so whats the plan with all that ram? What I did is just take the extra 4 GB that came with my system and use the 2 spare slots in the M18x to have a total of 12 GB. Problem is half the ram is hyperx while the other half is samsung mhz so I can't use the xmp profiles but I think the tradeoff of having more ram is worth it.

    How to Upgrade Your Alienware 17's RAM | Laptop Mag

    I'll be selling mine dual channel 4 stick mhz hyperx selling in their original 2 stick 8gb pairs as soon as the mobile mhz ram comes out. Using 16gb ram is enough for 8gb system, 4gb ramdisk for a 4gb pagefile and 4gb virtual machine if one ever needed and otherwise 12gb would still be for system.

    So SSG and Brian you have alkenware 12gb in varying chips SSG's is on the way. So for SSG dual channel won't operate but 1 channel since different ram sizes But in Brian's case are you operating in single channel too.

    What impact does that really have. Brian you can always sell original and get second 8gb kit?

    RAM & SSD Upgrades | Alienware M17xR3 |

    Good times R2 with more than 8gb ram that's sweet I loved the R2 I had just as much as this M18x if I found one that I could upgrade over time I would get another one I plan to do same setup like you DRSe I plan to external case my blu ray drive and internal optical drive bay one of these gb he's that came with it. My memory is running in dual channel but underclocked since its still matched but the timings are different sloots Kingston vs Samsung and the Samsung slpts lacks XMP.

    I haven't seen any loss in performance with the ram running at a lower frequency. HWinfo could tell you a lot in the main window.

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    Thanks, I'm thinking of running a few virtual systems. Just to tinker with things. Probably cause me to have to reimage my system a few times. I'll never close another program! I'm pretty sure I'll make use of it, but it's always nice to have more than you need.

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    If it's there, it's bound to get used up. I love having everything I need right there at my fingertips with out having to use externals. Though I still back up everything constantly.

    alienware m17x r3 memory slots

    I like that better. Well definately, yeah we missed ya here wondered where'd ya been. Can you share a link to the external case and the internal caddy needed that you used Check the link in my sig - the 1TB Internal.

    Alienaare is right there OK and I have a similiar setup.

    Memory Upgrades for your Alienware M17x R3 | Dell USA

    I split my RAID 0. OK very rusty with all this hardware stuff, yes I got 8GB ram but its 2 4GB sticks, I am putting that in the underside slots as its slots to access compared to the under keyboard area. Now I thought each bank was a channel so that the 8GB I am installing memory run dual channel in bank 1 and bank 2 which will still have m17x 2 2GB samsung would run as normal.

    OK I said that totally wrong. I really need to brush up on my slots stuff, playing around with android all the stuff I went though not having a computer I have forgotten to much. Two under the keyboard and RAM Cover and alienware under the back panel. Star ForgeNov 16, Also, do NOT buy ram directly from Dell when you're ordering it, just buy and fit it in there m17x later, will cost you alienware lot less!

    Ram slots 3,4 are under the keyboard so memory a little more work to get to.

    alienware m17x r3 memory slots

    SlickDude80Nov 16, memody Xenn0XNov 16, Sorry to hijack this thread, but: Is it better to chuck the stock ram mhz and just buy up brand new mhz ram? Or should I just add more to my computer? ECKSNov 16, Depends one what you need. Extra ram or speed?

    [FYI] M17x R2 + 16GB RAM works. - Alienware M17x / AW 17 - Tech|Inferno Forums

    Buying extra Mhz ones will save you money. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Similar Threads - M17x many slots.

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    1. Mozell Mineo:

      Just got my kit in lastnight. Should have it in tonight. Some testing has been done over at NBR, but just wanted to pass the word along.

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